My First Rant – Drivers

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One of the joys of having a blog is being able to rant about things, and not really care who reads it – if anyone. So this will be the first of many as I do like a good rant.

Anyway, enough waffle, onto the main crux of the rant – drivers. Now before I start, I’d like to point out that I’m not the greatest driver in the world, and have been known to not signal at a roundabout, or stay in the middle lane slightly longer than normal, but having to experience the M25 on a daily basis, during rush hour makes me look like Jenson Button.

Firstly, the middle lane hoggers. You know the ones – they join the motorway, move in a lane and sit there, doing 60, while chaos ensues around them. Everyone should be in the onside lane unless a) they are overtaking, or b) it filters off. This morning, they were everywhere. I flash them, and nothing. Other people flash them, and nothing. At one point, approaching J9, the 2 middle lanes were taken up by these people, causing chaos. The only saving grace is seeing grumpy BMW and Audi drivers start to steam.

Cars driven by cocks

Which beings me onto my second bugbear – drivers of large German cars. More specifically, BMW and Audi drivers. Now don’t get me wrong, not all the drivers of these cars are inconsiderate pricks, but it’s the ones that feel that because they have a large german car, that they somehow have more right to be on the road than me. They seem to think they can use whatever lane they like for overtaking, feel no need to indicate, and think sitting 3 millimetres from my bumper is gonna make me go faster. There is however, no greater sight than seeing one of these idiots, in their designer suits, getting pulled over by PC Plod. Almost as satisfying as seeing the third of my hated types of drivers – boy racers.

The future of our country

The future of our country

You know the type – they have a 1.2l Corsa with blacked out windows, a big exhaust and a sound system that shakes out your fillings. They seem to think that they are the greatest drivers on earth, and as such are invincible. Only tonight, one of these shitgibbons thought cutting me up on a roundabout was clever and funny. I flashed him, he gave me the finger. As luck would have it, we pulled up next to each other at the next set of lights. Oh how I laughed as his acne ridden mate wound down his window to give me a volley of abuse just as the lights changed, I pulled away, and there was an almighty ‘bang’ from his car, and a fair bit of smoke.

Feels much better now, thanks for listening 🙂


Prince – 20Ten – My review

•July 10, 2010 • 3 Comments

So, having had the chance to listen to the new CD from Prince (free in todays Daily Mirror), it’s review time.

His name is Prince, and he is STILL funky

To say I’ve been eagerly waiting this release is an understatement. Despite initial enjoyement, last years triple-CD set had too much filler, and not enough killer. A few stand out tracks amongst the throwaway stuff he’s been churning out more and more of these last few years, the sort of tracks he can put together in his sleep. Initial reviews of this new one were promising though, and the snippets I’d heard had me hooked. So what’s it really like then ?  Is it a return to form ?  Is it really his best since 1987’s Sign O The Times.

In a word – funky. Last years MPLSound CD found Prince falling in love with his trusty Linn drum machine once again, and the affair continues here, with the opening track, Compassion, harking right back to tracks like ‘Delerious’ on the 1999 album. A promising start, it has to be said.

The second track, Beginning Endlessly, carries on the funk, with a killer beat and a lovely soulful, heartfelt feeling to it. At the moment, I have no idea at all what the hell he’s singing about, but damn, he’s having a good time. Nice little funky guitar outro as well!

Track 3, Future Soul Song, is well known to a lot of Prince fans already, being one of the many unreleased gems that have leaked over the years. Re-recorded, remixed and it’s still just beautiful. Kinda reminds me of bands like the Chi-lites or Stylistics.

The funk is turned up to maximum on the next track, Sticky Like Glue. Reminiscent of late 70’s/early 80’s disco, with Prince’s trademark falsetto vocal, making you just wanna get up and dance.  Favourite track so far.

What’s this, Prince getting all political on the  next track, Act of God ?  Another seriously funky tune, lambasting ‘Dirty Fat Bankers’ for causing many of the hardships in the USA at the moment. Not a patch on last years ‘Ol’ Skool Company’ but still very very good.

Onto Lavaux, which appears to be about a place in Switzerland. Synths and Linn to the fore again. Surely only Prince could sing about vineyards in Switzerland and make you wanna jump up and down!

Walk in Sand, track 7, is a Prince by numbers big ballad. He can do better than this, a lot better. The first disappointment.

Next up is Sea of Everything – which just shows how well he can do a good, old fashioned, soulful love song. Truly beautiful, with lyrics that will melt even the most stony of hearts.

The CD ends with Everybody Loves Me – Prince as his most ego-centric, but surely that’s why we love him. It’s silly, with a synth/bass line that wouldn’t be out of place in any of his early 80’s output. He’s just playing with us, he knows his fans will follow him to the ends of the earth, and it’s his way of saying he loves us for it, in the same way we love him.

Hang on, there are 77 tracks on this CD!! Hidden Track time……  Holy funking crap Batman – Prince has gone all Hip-Hop. Dodgy lyrics aside  – ‘From the heart of Minnesota, here comes the Purple Yoda’ – this is by far, in my opinion, the best track on the album. A bass line that could cut glass, dirty, filthy funk, from start to finish, Prince shows the young upstarts how to do it.

So all in all, a cracking album, dodgy ballad aside. A return to form ?  Too early to say, but damn, for a 52-year old, this man knows how to get you dancing.

Hello world!

•July 9, 2010 • 3 Comments

Wow!  So this is it – my very own blog!  Erm, not really sure what to type. Hello world!